Our wedding bouquet preservation process takes about 8-12 weeks to finish, from dehydrating flowers and creating designs to resin casting and shipping.

Shipping Flowers

Once you reserve a spot with us, we will send you an instruction about how to pack your flowers for shipping. You will need to get some packing materials before your wedding day.

We encourage our clients to ship either overnight or two-day shipping within 24-48 hours after the wedding in order to make the color and shape of the flowers stay the best. Please notice that we are not responsible for any damage, delay, or lost packages being sent by the customers.


Once the flowers are dried, we will create a design for the major piece and send you photos for feedback and approval. We will complete the design until you feel it is perfect and start the process for resin casting. For the artworks of smaller pieces, we do not provide designs unless there is a special need.


After your artworks are created and finishing touches are complete, we will take photos and send them to you. If you prefer to see them as a surprise in person, photos won’t be provided.

We will provide a tracking number once your artworks are shipped. It is time for you to find a spot at home and show off the collection that only belongs to you!!