Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Yellowhums provides wedding bouquet preservation service to customers in California and nationwide in the U.S. We design and create customized products to new marriage couples and their bridesmaids and guests by using their wedding bouquets. Each piece is one of a kind and only made for you.

Our products include bouquet artworks, ring holders, necklaces, paperweights, candle holders, diffuser vases, coasters, home decors, and more keepsakes. We also do special designs for customers based on their demand.

Make Your Custom Order

Step 1: Find What You Love

Check out our gallery page and get some ideas. Visit for more artworks created by many flower preservation artists.

Step 2: Know Your Budget

We serve our clients with 5 different options, and each collection comes with a group of artworks of original designs. You can choose a collection to fit your budget. You can also add extra pieces from the add-on list to your collection.

Step 3: Reserve A Spot

Although we want to help all customers preserve their bouquets, we have limited space for reservations in order to maintain the highest quality of our products. Every month we only take a limited number of clients, so please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to reserve a spot. Normally we do not open a spot earlier than 2 months out.

Once your spot is reserved, 50% deposit for order is required, and the rest needs to be paid off before the delivery.

Want to Preserve Bouquet Yourself?

If you want to preserve the wedding bouquet yourself at home but don’t know where to start it, we provide 1:1 consulting service to guide you through the whole preservation process with a 2 hour training.

We will order all materials for you and give you full instructions to help you preserve flowers successfully. You will learn different techniques and tricks behind the process like an expert!