For Kids



Still remember your first portrait drawing of yourself when you were a little kid?

We are turning a kid’s selfie drawing into an everlasting keepsake. Because every child is an artist!

These hand-drawn art illustrations are based on a photo of your child’s self portrait painting, or any other simple paintings.

We hand-draw the painting and recreate it to be a mosaic stained glass alike art. We sealed the painting with FDA approved resin so it can last forever.

It’s a great gift for your child to cherish for years to come!


Oval – 18cm x 12cm

Round – 18cm x 18cm

Rectangular – 19.5cm x 14.5cm

Rectangular – 30.5cm x 25.5cm

Square – 18cm

Square – 22.5cm

Height – 1cm (approximated)

How To Order

1 – Choose the size and shape you prefer.
2 – Email us a high quality digital file (PDF or JPG) of your kid’s portrait painting or other simple painting.
3 – Wait for 1-3 weeks to finish.

Care Instructions

Handwash with cold water only. Avoid direct sun.


Because these artwork are entirely made of resin and resin turns to be soft when facing the sun or getting heated, they CANNOT be hanged on the window facing to the sun or put anywhere where it can generate a lot of heat. The piece may get damaged permanently. Please avoid it from direct sun!

Final painting may be adjusted and may not 100% reflect the actual drawing.

Edges may be rough because it’s handmade.

Please be aware of that we only accept simple drawings. If the drawing is too complicated and has too many details, we may not be able to recreate it.

All purchase is final and we don’t accept return.

Price & Quantity

Oval – $30

Round (18cm) – $35

Rectangular (19.5×14.5cm) – $40

Rectangular (30.5×25.5cm) – $85

Square (18cm) – $45

Square (22.5cm) – $65

Cost to Shipping

Free Shipping, USPS Priority/Ground

Returns & Exchanges

Not accepted

But please contact us if you have problems with your order.

Processing Time

2 – 3 weeks


FDA Approved Resin, Glass Paint, Metallic Paint, Pigment